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Termites: How to Deal with Them Once and for All


You have the thinking of spending a lot of money when letting somebody deal with your termite problem. So you tend to apply a “Do it yourself” method. But don’t you know that you might be spending much effort and more money in a little by little expenditure gradually only to realize after that its result might not that effective?


Termite Control Service is a company that directly gives you what you exactly needed.

  • 24-hour service which we give our valued clients free information via our customer service and our main website which would educate you all about termites, their existence and ways to invade and destroy an abode.
  • Systematized procedure to exterminate termites with the use of non-harmful substances that would deliberate and values the health of our clients.
  • Our company has the ability to respond right away for our wide range services few minutes after your call and our inspector specialist would immediately arrive and conduct a check and assessment about the solidity of the termite problem.
  • High quality tools is used to help assist in determining the weight of termites lingering your home. Through this, it would make the treatment more effective and proficient against these kinds of pests.

Exterminator-specialists have long years of experienced and had undergone a series of training and information to become more efficient and highly skilled to annihilate strongly these termites.

Termite Control Service in Placentia


Our company provides services that eradicates pests particularly termite infestations. With great influx of such pests consuming your house unknowingly, it is very vital to maintain security and experts to check your house ahead to detect or eradicate possible termite presence. With our proven ability and tested performance, we wisely assess and comprehensively plan on how to strategically eliminate the nuisances infiltrating your abode. Our very own skilled and well-trained specialists are applying our latest technology and equipment without undermining your well-being providing you an extraordinary service with unparalleled low costs to be spent and exceptional securing result.

Considered as “a Pleasant City” in Orange County California, Placentia is a home for 50,533 people with 6.582 sq. mi total land area. The humble city is mainly known as a bedroom community with estimated 500 businesses and for its quiet neighborhoods and strong public safety. It was also honored with the prestigious “All America City” award in 1971 which is given annually by the National Civic League to only ten cities in the United States. Placentia has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate which is its one tourist’s attraction along with its neighboring cities like the San Clemente and Yorba Linda. Not only have that, one can also absolutely relish the stay here because of its parks, food houses, hotels, and shopping malls. As a small and simple city with community spirit, Placentia must also cater and protect its interior vicinity that is mainly the source of its flourishing economy; the people and their homes.

We are devoted to provide that harmony in living that everyone desires; away from any distractions and infestations cause by any pests like termites. Contact us now at (657) 269-5300, we provide FREE QUOTE!

  • Problems Fixed 95%
  • Satisfied Customers 99.99%
  • Repeat Customers 100%

Termite Control Service Placentia is the best in customer service and quality.  These guys know what they are doing, are honest, and tell it like it is.  I called 3 different companies to have a look at my property and the pricing they quoted me was rediculous. Termite Control Service Placentia does good work for a fair price.  They are straight shooters who know what they are doing and will not steer you wrong.

Erik S

Get Rid Of Termites Once And For All

Termite infestation? Don’t let this critter destroy the harmony of your home

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